The Department

¿Who are we?

The Intellectual Property Department of the Faculty of Law is a higher education center specialized in this field, which had its origin in academic gatherings for almost 25 years initiated by a number of renowned teachers for their expertise and knowledge of the subject in the domestic legal order.

Nowadays, the Department is one of the most important research centers in Colombia and Latin America, since it has contributed, in the past two decades, to the development of leading professional groups and has conducted a production of recognized academic merit and intellectual excellence.

Thus, the Department has been working for 16 years to integrate a faculty of 24 experts in IP. It has offered 16 professional promotions of the specialization program and the master’s program opened recently. Besides, the study center has specialized publications as the indexed magazine “immaterial property” inscribed in large databases at national and international, with accredited research groups, PI annual forums, monthly cycles of gatherings, national and international events, it has also been involved in the formulation of public policy with the different institutions that rule the issue in the country, among others.

¿What is Virtual newsletter?

The newsletter is a tool for exchanging information and knowledge on IP, among the University, the academic community, institutions, enterprises and the wider community. The virtual newsletter is a channel for disseminating legal / Academic production of the Department, the most significant court decisions on IP on the local, regional and global context, dissemination of events and training on the subject in Colombia and the world, news events that affect the course of the agendas of nations, looking to offer critical analysis elements to promote academic production in intellectual property.

Organizational Chart

Ernesto Rengifo García

General Director

María Cristina Rodríguez R.


William Mantilla Cárdenas

Research Advisor

Brenda Salas

Educational Researcher

Carlos Felipe Payan

Educational Researcher

Manuel Guerrero

Educational Researcher

Jhonny Antonio Pabon C.


Carlos Conde


Luisa Fernanda Herrera Sierra


Sarah Osma Peralta

Research Assistant

Lina Maria Rodriguez

Research Assistant

Marcela Rojas Bastidas

Secretary of the Department